on a budget?

moving budget canberraWhen you are moving house, we know there are a lot of costs involved. The normal stress involved in moving can be greatly increased when compounded by the financial insecurity of hiring removalists without knowing exactly how much they will cost and if it will fit into your house moving budget or not. When you need a removalist in Canberra that can work to your budget, Pearl is the answer.

A popular service we provide is our hour-capped move. We can work to get the largest and heaviest items, such as furniture, moved, then add as many smaller items, such as moving boxes, as we can within the number hours agreed on. With a fixed hour limit, you know exactly how much you will pay in advance and continue to keep a close eye on your moving budget. You will know how much of your furniture we will be able to transport in a certain time because we are able to inspect your home and provide a free quote before any work.

If you decide that you are more concerned with what we move than how long it takes to move, we can also work on a result-based structure, we can spend as long as it is required to pack all of your possessions, or only all of the large furniture, or just the items that you specify that you want professionally moved. Even though there is no fixed time, you will still have a good idea of how much you will pay because we can provide you with a quote before hand on how long the job is expected to take given how much you need loaded and transported.

Whatever your budget for moving is, Pearl can arrange removalist plan to suit. Contact Pearl today so we can work with you to arrange your move in Canberra to suit your budget.